Cosmetic Dermatology

aesthetic treatment for ageing, and skin rejuvenation

Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic Procedures

Non-Invasive Anti-Ageing and skin rejuvenation procedures

Hair Growth

Hair restoration

Rejuvenating hair growth & health

Body Sculpting and Fat Reduction

Body Sculpting

Targeting excess fat over the body

Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic Surgeries

Utilizing invasive techniques to achieve cosmetic enhancements


India’s Best Dermatology Treatment in Delhi

Bella Soul Clinic is a combination of advanced technology and highly renowned Doctors performing dermatological treatments for all bodily concerns proficiently. We have cutting-edge techniques for laser and all aesthetic treatments.

Our team of Internationally trained Doctors have remarkable skills and experience in dermatology that allows them to deal with various skin types and hair types. We aim to give you the flawless and beautiful-looking skin, hair as well as shaped body you desire for.

Bella Soul Clinic India

Weight loss, Skin & Hair care Services

From rejuvenating skincare routines to advanced hair restoration and advanced weight loss strategies we are dedicated to assisting you to look and feel your best. Our comprehensive dermatological care combines personalized treatment plans with innovative strategies. Unlock the true potential of your skin and body with us.

Weight loss

Weight Loss Inch Loss Figure Correction Body therapy Body Toning Lipo Gel Cryomatic

Skin Care

Fairness Treatment
Anti-Aging Treatment
Deep Scar Removal
Skin Polishing
Under Eye Dark Circles
Wrinkle Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Care

Hair Transplantation
Hair Strengthening
Hair Re-growth
Anti Dandruff
Anti hair Fall Treatment


Conditions We Treat

Discover the perfect treatment for your unique skin type at Bella Soul. Whether you have oily, combination or dry, sensitive skin type our dermatologists are knowledgeable enough to address all your concerns. From acne to ageing, from rosacea to eczema we offer tailored solutions for all your concerns. Trust our personalized approach and the advanced techniques that we use to reveal your natural skin radiance.

Acne & Acne Scars

Acne & Acne Scars

Dark Circles & Eye Bags

Stretch Marks And Scars

Stretch Marks And Scars

Dark Spots And Pigmentation

Pigmentation & Dark Spots

Hair Loss And Alopecia

Hair Loss & Alopecia

Dry And Dull Skin

Dry And Dull Skin

Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Ageing, Wrinkles & Fine Lines


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Meet our Dermatologists

Dr Seema

Dr Seema

Facial Aesthetic, From USA

Dr Seema is an eminent facial aesthetic with a fellowship from a renowned university in the USA and is well acquainted with advanced technologies for dermatological treatments. Along with that, she has 18 years of expertise in dealing with all types of Dermatology treatments for Body Shaping, hair transplantation, Laser toning and Fillers and many more.

Dr. Govind Kumar


He is a renowned specialist in dermatology and holds an M.B.B.S and MD (D.V.L) degree in dermatology. He is registered with NMC Delhi and has expertise in dealing with all the modern techniques and proficiently carries out laser treatments, clinical dermatology, chemical peels and dermato-surgeries.

Dr Govid Kumar
Bella Soul Clinic India


Why Choose Bella Soul Dermatologist Clinic?

Bella Soul is the most advanced and highly renowned Dermatological clinic in Delhi. Here is why you should choose us for your skin and bodily concerns:


Our dermatology testing services are backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced dermatologists.

Advanced Technology

We leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced diagnostic tools to provide modern solutions to your old problems.

Personalized Treatment Approach

We understand that each patient is unique, and that's why we tailor our treatment plans to suit your individual needs.

Cost Effective

The cost of all the treatments is minimal at Bella Soul to ensure that you receive the most effective solutions without having to pay much.


Our Work Ethics

We believe that all our clients are unique, So we perform proper case studies of each one to ensure personalized treatment for all bodily concerns.


Our dedicated team of doctors meticulously analyze your skin or body using the dermoscopy. These are the hand-held advanced devices to diagnose and analyze underlying skin problems.

Our Process

We strongly believe in keeping all our services transparent. We educate clients about the techniques, procedures and estimated cost of treatment we are going to perform.


This is the exact step where our skillful highly qualified doctors work on you with precision. Your true beauty unlocks and brings back your lost confidence.


Radha Wadhwa

Radha Wadhwva is the visionary behind Our Legacy of such as long service of dermatological treatments in Delhi. With a passion for skincare and long expertise in the field, she founded Bella Soul to provide personalized treatment for all dermatological problems.

Our Founder has experience working in various dermatological clinics across the globe. Throughout her journey, she has gained knowledge, skills and expertise for providing a better appearance to the people.

Radha Wadhwa’s expertise in dermatology, coupled with a compassionate approach, ensures that every patient receives top-notch treatment tailored to their unique needs. Her dedication to enhancing skin health and confidence shines through in every aspect of our clinic’s services.

Radha - Bella Soul Clinic


Our Patient Story


Our Best Skin And Hair Treatments

At Bella Soul You can now get comprehensive dermatological treatment tailored to all your needs with high proficiency. Our team of experts prioritize your individual needs, offering tailored treatment plans and attentive support at every step from acne reduction to skin-lightening treatments. You get all basic skin care and maintenance treatments with the latest techniques at our clinic.

Our range of treatments also includes laser hair removal treatments, stretch mark treatments, especially for new mothers, and many more such body toning and skin rejuvenating treatments. We use innovative techniques and customized plans to achieve your skincare goals with the highest standard of excellence.

Massive exposure of our dermatologists in the field allows them to also carry out hair loss treatments as well as vaginal rejuvenation efficiently. So, achieve all your ideal body goals with us.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatments

Dark Circle Treatment

Dark Circles Treatment




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Recent Videos

At Bella Soul, We are committed to providing top-quality ultra-modern solutions for pigmentation reduction, overall skin maintenance, anti aging solutions, Groom or Bride Makeovers, and many other body concerns. Have a look at our recent treatment procedures. You will be amazed by the results that we are providing to all our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are crucial for addressing common queries about our services, expertise, safety, and infrastructure at Bella Soul Clinic. We provide clarity and transparency to help clients make informed decisions about their dermatological care.

Yes, we at Bella Soul have specialized dermatological treatments such as Eyelight, Hyaluronic pen fillers, and Tight Pro to give back your tight, clear skin and confidence.

Laser hair treatments are an effective painless procedure that delays hair growth for a long period. Though it may not stop the growth permanently it removes several unwanted hairs on your body. You may require some maintenance treatment to manage the growth of hairs over your face and body.

Yes, These anti-ageing treatments are cost-effective. One of the antiaging treatments such as V Carbon Anti-Aging Peel Treatment is the most effective treatment for antieging. Bella Soul has several happy clients who have undergone this treatment and have reduced major signs of ageing instantly.

Non-surgical hair replacement, Qr 678 neo hair growth and hair, Hairgen Booster, and Hair Transplant are the most successful treatments for hair loss. Bella Soul has several happy clients who have undergone these treatments and have got magical results.

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